These are “must-haves” for all volleyball players. Hopefully these links help you pick up some of the critical items for a volleyball player, whether you are getting started or have been playing for years.

Foot protection for your feet when the sand is too cold or too hot (this happens a lot!). If you would like your toes to operate independently get the Tuff Socks. Otherwise Sand Socksare the OG solution for volleyball players.

Current beach volleyball: Wilson Optx – don’t buy retail, let me know if you’d like to buy some and we can ask around for a better deal

Beach towel that is long enough for you (90″) with a great pattern BandaBeau lounge chair towel. Don’t forget the BandaBeau towel tamer for those loungin’ days.

My other favorites:

Hydroflask to keep your water cold when it is hot out
Sunnies: Pit Viper, Oakley, Blenders depending on my mood
Electrolyte/salt pills â€“ SaltStick caps, buffered electrolyte salts for heat stress, muscle cramping
Jolyn bikinis â€“ but you must try them on because every piece seems to fit differently. For this, contact Sherry [email protected]
Slunks for men

Volleyball Equipment

What are your favorite things that you’d recommend to other athletes and why?

We are eager to hear from you.
Please suggest in comments what you recommend and why.