About Me

While on a family vacation to Cancun at age 16, I fell in love and haven't looked back.

While on a family vacation to Cancun at age 16, I fell in love with the game and haven’t looked back. Volleyball is my passion, my Zen, and not a job or a chore. I always strive to keep it that way!

I love the game and as a competitive-natured person, I wanted to see how much I could improve and how well I could do. I moved to the Bay Area from Ohio in October 2007, then to Hermosa in August of 2012. Since moving to Hermosa, the fire has been rekindled as only the beach volleyball capital of the world can do.

Life is too short to wait around for things that you want. Go out and get them and enjoy the adventure! Carpe Diem!

The long version and my evolution into coaching: Unlike many beach volleyball athletes, it wasn’t a straight line for me to move to Hermosa Beach. Growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, my volleyball story started with indoor volleyball at Mentor High School. My club coach Dave Marflak introduced me to beach volleyball when I was 16 years old and we played the Lakeview Beach coed tournament together. At age 17 I won the AVP Juniors tournament in Cleveland with Katie Noble and we were flown out to Hermosa Beach to play in the Junior Nationals. There were no collegiate beach programs at the time, so I played collegiate indoor (Division 1, Cleveland State University). I didn’t move here until my early 30s, but I did make it into 5 AVP professional tournaments after the move. Being a bit undersized at 5’10”, I have had to trust hard work, dedication and volleyIQ to win. Let me teach that to you! I also think it’s important to keep the game fun and listen to feedback from my athletes – we can create a customized training program based on your wants and needs. This year has been a fun year to realize that it is time for the shift from playing to coaching. A huge thank you to the athletes I’ve been coaching so far – you were my inspiration to create this platform to help put the word out easier for more people!